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Start To Earning

Fellows, I would tell you about my first online business that now I'm working on it. It's a PTC as known as Paid To Click, this is one of easiest way to earn money.

You just sign up, clicks ads, see ads for certain of time (usually up to 30 sec), and voila.. you get money. It depends on each site which your click worth, but mostly as a standard member you will get $0,01-$0,005/ click.

You need collecting amount of your earning until it reaches minimum payment (just check on Terms Of Service section), so you can draw it to your Paypal or Alertpay account (if you doesn't have it yet, feel free to sign up just click on the banner in sidebar).

As you can see there's a list of my PTC's in right sidebar that I've joined. Anything update news about those PTC's (payment proof, recently happen, etc) will be updated continuously.

How To Generate Big Traffic To Your Blog

“Top 10 Tips For Generating Big Traffic To Your Blog Today”

(C) Copyright Ewen Chia, http://www.EzineArticle.com

Let’s face it, blogs (or weblogs) are getting incredibly
popular amongst people with an internet connection due to
the ease and practicality of setting one up.

Despite this however, there is no value in having a blog
if no one is visiting and reading it!

Therefore, it is important to know exactly how to drive
traffic to your blog if you desire to increase your
readership or monetize it.

To do that, here are 10 quick tips to generating more
traffic to your blogs:

Tip 1: Reciprocal Linking

One of the most proven ways to gain targeted traffic is
to exchange links with other bloggers or site owners.
This is a task which requires a little work – by sending
an email request for a link exchange with a few follow
ups but the results are worth it.

Another linking method is to simply write a testimonial
for a product you have purchased. If your testimonial is
good, product owners will usually publish it on their
sales page with your blog URL included.

If you want to skip the traditional way of exchanging
links and go for the easier way, you can automate the
process with various software and services found on the
net. Just do a search at Google.com and you will have
a list of these.

Prepare Yourself

To start anything (in this case online business) you must have this 5 basic steps:

Set your target/ goal

target is very importance to begin any purposes, target is needed so you not lost to chase your achievement, target is your dreaming without it you would lost in process. grab your pen & begin to write down your target.
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