My Second Payment

Getting more like to

But, few days lately AVG of click from Rent Refferal is going down & this happen to other member too. Anyway is my favourite cause my next payment will be Break Even Point for me.

And one again from Omnibux

Well, I can't say much about Omni, after all troubles had on it, I still get my payment for instant too. I can only hope there will be improvement from owner.

New Breakthrough "Magic Code" Makes Your Site Money!

Just Released: A New "Magic Code" that when added to any site you have causes your site (or even any site) to magically start making money.

No joke. This discovery was made by a New York doctor who for the last 10 years used it secretly to do everything from offset his advertising costs, to just adding it to 1,000's of webpages and amass a personal wealth now of nearly $100 million cash!

And now he's decided to allow you and everyone else to share in it (and since he stands nothing more to gain by keeping "you" in the dark about it).

As it turns out, a number of the largest online firms such as Alexa, and even a good number of the top 100 sites ranked on the entire Web are already using this amazing, but very simple secret.

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Interact with your visitors

Many people are wondering why there is nobody commenting on their blog posts and when people comment it is only a short meaningless comment so how do you change this.
Firstly when someone posts a reply to your article or leave comment on your shoutbox, like nice post thanks for the info you must then ask them which information did you find the most helpful. When you ask questions within the comments it increases the chances of getting more comments people like to be the first to comment on blog posts but only on popular blogs that get much traffic.

First Payment

This is my first payment in 2010 & to both site as well


So you can see my proof that is worth to invest.

From Omni

About Omni, it still confusing cause new rule from Admin (see here), I'm suggest to wait and see (but still clicking of course).

PTC 2010 - Feel Free to Join

These are new PTC, that I joined recently in these new year:

1. Devbux

It's in beta phase, for new member that join in this phase will get signup bonus $0,25 in their balance. It has nice design & own script. Admin said site will fully launch in these week (about 05/01), but when I joined today it's still not launch yet. So if you want that bonus, better hurry up, just click banner at top of these preview.

2. Olebux

It's already launch & ads to click. It's a group of CompanyBux that been paying since April 2009.

3. JPBux

For first 7000 member will get pioneer member for free (now still have about 2500 member).

{Updates} Omnibux

After my account been restored, omni member had trouble on login yesterday (04/01) cause there's bugs on Captcha code. But now it's been solved, see here.

But, as I said in previous post, don't do any investment yet, cause omni still in unstable. For you member that your balance enough to do payout, I suggest you hurry doing payout. Now payout is instant through PayPal & for AlertPay will be too in a week (as admin said).

Omnibux is sold!!!

For you still being member of this site, I suggest not to invest this site. Cause I'm already do that (I'm a preffered member) and few a days ago when these rumour came to me, omni is being auction at cause admin still having school & not have much time to work on omni.

After knowing this news, I take a respond to save my investment. I go to Paypal menu & disputes (refund) from omnibux.

Today I get respond according my disputes through Paypal, admin omnibux said "You can't simply demand a refund because the site is being sold. You agreed to this in the Terms of service when you signed up".
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