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Many people are wondering why there is nobody commenting on their blog posts and when people comment it is only a short meaningless comment so how do you change this.
Firstly when someone posts a reply to your article or leave comment on your shoutbox, like nice post thanks for the info you must then ask them which information did you find the most helpful. When you ask questions within the comments it increases the chances of getting more comments people like to be the first to comment on blog posts but only on popular blogs that get much traffic.

So now you have made a reply to the comment and new visitors will see that there are 2 comments on the blog post and they will be more inclined to make comments on posts that have many comments this is because many blogs have subscribe to comments.

So now you are increasing comments and pointing out older posts leading to more Pageviews and Maybe even Comments on older posts that did not get any comments. By doing this you are making your blog more social and people will like you better than a blogger who does not respond to the comments on his blog.

This will increase returning visitors and improve blog commets over time depending on how long you would like to keep the conversation running.

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